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Accommodation Assistance

Accommodation provided by a university is always expensive. if you can afford it then nothing is better than this. But if not then we can help you with both temporary or permanent accommodation for you in the study destination you have chosen.

When you land in a foreign country for the first time in your life, everything is new for you. You don’t know where to go. If someone known and dependable can pick up you from the Airport and take you to a place for a temporary stay will be a great help. This is what we can provide you. We have students studying all across the globe. We can contact them about your journey, so someone known to us can pick up you and take to his/her place where you can spend a couple of days and decide to stay in the university provided hostel, or with the same student groups or others.

If you find the temporary accommodation is near to you place of study and you want you can discuss with them for living with them for the longer period until you get a proper accommodation that best suits your budget and needs.