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Study Abroad: Admission Procedure

Congratulations! Your decision to study abroad will be the life changing event. You will study and live with students coming from various parts of the world. You will learn new things, gain new experiences. This will ultimately build you as a global citizen and an achiever that your family and friends will feel proud of tomorrow.

Basics you should know about admission in a foreign institution

Every university or college has it’s own eligibility criteria for issuing admissions to international students like you. They are based on your
– educational qualification,
– academic scores, experiences and
– proficiency in languages etc.

They want to know why you choose their university and what’s your future plan after your education is over. Are you planning this as a step to settle down in their country or you are genuinely interested to learn something that is not available in your own country?

Do you think it’s too much?

No the list of requirements can be much longer than you expect. You need to fill up a really lengthy application form where you need to provide detailed information about yourself, your academic history and even about your parents or guardian who are going to sponsor your education and living in the foreign country. ASHS advises you to apply for multiple universities, you never know you might not get admission and you end up losing the entire academic year just because you have applied to a single university. You must know that there are hundreds, rather thousands of students across the globe apply to your favorite university too.


At ASHS Consultant we have been helping and guiding young students like you since 2015 (last 6 years). We know when to apply, how to apply and to apply how many institutions so your admission is 100% assured. Our experts listen to you, guide you with admission requirements so you can gather the required documents easily. They will guide you like your private tutor, mentor and coach. They will help you filling the admission application form to avoid any mistakes that might go against your chance of admission in your favorite university.

Our experts tell you which proficiency test needed for your course. For example whether to have TOEFL or IELTS score, whether you need a GRE or GMAT score for your admission requirement. We provide all valuable information for the preparation of these tests so you apply with the required score for your admission.